Our expertize in this area has been focus on the following:

Ship Agency Port Agents

Assisting the Industry with the Government's Customs and Merchant Marine's red tape in legalizing their unit in all their different type of modus operandis in order that they may operate in Mexican waters and that could return back in order to their places of origin after completing its jobs assignments.

Offshore Services

Attending all crew matters regarding-inmigration working permits logistics of sea and land transportation for the joining and departing crews from/to the offshore sites and international airports.

Spare Parts Delivery

Clearing with Customs all types of spare parts, equipments, etc. Coordinating its transportation to the offshore units.

Crew Assistace

Other requiered services such as:
- Arranging open and close spaces inland for storage purposes
-Coordination of bunkering
- Materials handling in Ports
- Garbage, fresh water, supplies and othter minor

We operate through these Ports

Port of Coatzacoalcos

The Commercial Port installations know as Authorized Fiscal Precint with one marginal berth with 9 different berthing positions, being one of them, specially designed to berth and operate barges for railcars.

Port Pajaritos


Port of Dos Bocas

Two offshore buoys designed to handle tankers up to 250,000 S.D.W. The storage in this Port reaches about 10,000,000 barrels for crudes exclusively.

Port of Cayo Arcas

Pemex offshore loading facilities located nearby the Cayo Arcas Keys about 90 miles north of Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, which is the city and port where Pemex, the Port Authorities, the Cargo Inspectors and the Agents maintain their headquarters.

Port of Salina Cruz

Pemex maintains at the Inner Harbour three marginal berths and one "T" type berth handling petroleum products, such as Diesel Oil, Mogas, Jet Fuel, Bunkers and Ammonia.


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